Is Cold Laser Therapy Right for You?

Cold laser therapy is rapidly gaining popularity across the country, as well as all over the world. This futuristic-sounding treatment is safe, gentle, non-invasive and effective. While relatively new, in comparison to other ancient alternative therapies, cold laser treatments are now used to treat a wide variety of conditions — everything from pain management to […]

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Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss: Two Very Different Things

When you hear terms like “fat loss” and “weight loss,” they probably sound like the same thing. Because we so often associate losing fat with losing pounds, it seems to make sense that they would have a similar connotation. But is fat loss the same as weight loss? In truth, there are major differences between […]

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SMART Fitness Goals

Goal setting seems to be a part of human nature. We set goals for everything — from relationships to work to health and fitness. Setting goals can help us stay on track for our accomplishments, and keep our lives and priorities organized. However, we often make vague goals without specific information about how the goal […]

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Healthy Recipes for Busy Moms

When life gets busy, it’s all too easy to reach for convenience foods and takeout — but these are usually not the healthiest choices, and are often loaded with extra sugar, salt, fat and other additives. Preparing meals at home allows you to use fresh produce and whole foods to create healthier family meals, and […]

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