Clinically Researched Lasers for Weight Loss

The cold laser technology behind the Zerona procedure was shown to exclusively release the cellular contents of fat cells while leaving the capillaries and other cells within the interstitial space intact. The release of the fat cell contents are the result of the disruption of the cell’s membrane. This membrane disruption, called a transitory pore, is the result of low-level laser stimulation.

Through multiple double blind, randomized, multi-site and placebo-controlled studies, the Zerona procedure is proven to be an effective non-invasive and body contouring procedure.* On average, clients lost on average 3.72 inches*from the circumference of their waist, hip and thighs, whereas the placebo group only lost an average of a half of an inch.*


Importance of Clinically-Tested Weight Loss Treatments

Plenty of companies offer the chance to lose an incredible amount of weight in an even more unbelievable amount of time. Advertising claims boast nearly instant results and guarantee to help patients lose weight quickly and safely. But what do those buzzwords really mean without clinical trials to back them up? Often, these claims offer false promises at best and outright dangerous results at worst.

In the world of fat loss treatments, clinical testing often makes the difference in creating a safe, effective final product. The best way to assure users that a product is safe to use is through clinical research, and the only way to give patients confidence that a treatment works is with proven results. That’s why we made it a priority to ensure the safety and effectiveness of Zerona Z6 with multiple clinical studies.

Zerona Z6 has proven its effectiveness and safety in each double-blind controlled study that it underwent, allowing us make our claims with confidence. Thousands of users have seen real results using the clinically researched, FDA-approved Zerona laser.


Alternative Treatments to Liposuction and Body Wraps

Many patients of the past had little options for fat loss apart from surgery or liposuction. But now, patients looking for an alternative treatment to these procedures can enjoy real results without the pain of weight loss surgery. The Zerona cold lasers are able to target fat cells non-invasively using low-level laser therapy (LLLT) technology toprovide clients with a safer alternative to surgical procedures, which can result in bruising, swelling and damage to other tissues.*

Because Zerona is scarless, painless and completely non-invasive, it’s also an ideal choice for patients looking for alternative fat loss treatments without pain or discomfort.There is no need to wear restrictive bandages with Zerona like with a body wrap, and since there is no pain, there is no need the for anesthesia needed in liposuction.* And unlike other non-invasive approaches, Zerona low-level lasers do not rely on heating or freezing tissue, which can also cause discomfort.

Another benefit that draws many users to Zerona over other weight loss methods is its ability to trim weight without the recovery time necessary with traditional weight loss methods. There is no downtime, and most patients don’t feel any negative effects at all both during and after treatments, so they can easily resume their normal activities immediately.*


How Zerona Works

Zerona is a non-invasive fat loss laser. The multi-site clinical trial conducted by Erchonia to validate the Zerona process focused on the waist, hips and thighs. The Zerona Z6 low-level laser is FDA approved for use on these target areas, plus now arms, chest, knees, ankles and back or bra fat. Most doctor’s offices have the client lie on a comfortable table for 20 minutes on each side while the six lasers are applied to the target areas simultaneously.

Thousands have tried this treatment and have lost an average of 3.72 inches* around the waist, hips and thighs.* Imagine going from a large to a medium, or a medium to a small just by relaxing for forty minutes, a few times a week.*

For a non-invasive, alternative body slimming solution to the traditional fat removal procedures and surgeries, consider use of the Zerona non-invasive fat loss treatment. Contact a Zerona provider today for more information and be sure to return to us as we continue to make many more advances in the field in the coming months and years.

*Individual Results May Vary.