About Us

Many of us have stubborn, unwanted fat that’s holding us back from our dream body, but don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to diets and exercise. Zerona Z6 non-invasive fat loss laser is the solution and it’s unlike any other. We pride ourselves in treating the root of the problem, assisting the body in processing fat cells naturally, as opposed to killing fat cells altogether. Zerona is the jumpstart you need to a slimmer you, a healthier body, and the confidence you deserve

Fat Loss is Easy!

Tired of the same old diets and exercise that require meal prepping, waking up 2 hours earlier, and green smoothies? How about those fat reduction treatments that have harsh side-effects, painful treatments, and require downtime or surgery? The Zerona Z6 requires none of those things. This non-invasive body slimming laser makes fat loss easy by keeping treatments short, dieting irrelevant, and downtime non-existent! Imagine a laser treatment that you can squeeze into your lunch break… that’s Zerona.

Empowering Beauty

Our mission is to empower you to feel your best, leaving more time for what matters most to you. Whether that means going to the movies with your little one, or making time for a much-needed getaway weekend without the worry of a missed workout or indulging in a delicious meal, the Zerona Z6 will provide you with a breath of fresh air and a looser pair of skinny jeans. You will be empowered to feel like the fabulous, sexy person you are in just a couple of weeks.

Dedicated to Research

Erchonia, who manufactures the Zerona Z6 laser, is not only dedicated to the effectiveness of their laser technology, but the safety as well. They safely use low-level lasers in the red spectrum of light to stimulate and collapse fat cells, and the fat removed will escape through the lymphatic system, leaving the fat cells intact and able to perform the important functions they are used for every day. This groundbreaking research has made it possible to minimize overall body fat without harming the fat cells themselves, which is important in maintaining a healthy overall body function.

First & Only

Zerona Z6 is a non-invasive fat loss laser that requires no surgery, no downtime, and no side-effects. It became the first FDA cleared fat loss laser in 2009 and has been trailblazing the road of non-invasive body contouring ever since. This six-headed laser heeds results unlike any other, leaving clients slimmer and satisfied in as little as two weeks, without harming the functions of their fat cells or overall health.

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