Why Am I Not Losing Weight? 10 Reasons Why

Let’s face it. Losing weight is tough. We all try to drop the pounds with various fad diet plans and exercise routines. There are so many weight loss methods out there to try, ranging from the easy to the extreme. So many of us keep trying these methods and are not losing the weight. With […]

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How to Practice Self-Care

Today, it seems like everyone is juggling crazy to-do lists. Between work, family and social lives — all kept on track with phones never more than a hands-length away — we are all constantly “on.” In that continuous rush to check the next thing off of the list, we start to run ourselves down. We […]

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How to Get a Bikini Body Fast

Swimsuit season means something different for everyone. Some people can’t wait to break out their swimsuit and hit the beach, while others feel a sense of dread. If the idea of putting on a swimsuit keeps you away from the water, you are not alone. But, you shouldn’t let that hold you back. You can […]

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Are you looking for a safe and effective fat loss solution that won’t leave you with scars, bruising or other unpleasant side effects*? The Zerona Z6 cold laser could be just what you need. Use Zerona Z6 laser fat removal treatments to trim inches from the body and increase your overall body confidence*. Our lasers […]

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Many weight loss clients struggle to find a practical fat loss solution for stubborn overall body fat, and many more struggle to find solutions that target specific areas of the body. With the Zerona Z6 laser, you can target total body fat as well as contour and sculpt stubborn fat areas, such as the butt, […]

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