How to Get a Bikini Body Fast

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Swimsuit season means something different for everyone. Some people can’t wait to break out their swimsuit and hit the beach, while others feel a sense of dread. If the idea of putting on a swimsuit keeps you away from the water, you are not alone. But, you shouldn’t let that hold you back. You can get your summer body fast, and it does not have to be a chore you dread. Whether you are a busy mom or simply looking to get ready for bikini season, here’s how to get a bikini body fast.

Areas Where Fat Can Impact Your Body in a Bathing Suit

Swimsuits are designed to allow free movement while you swim and relax by the water, but sometimes it feels like they were made to put our insecurities on display. Here are some areas women commonly worry about when putting on a swimsuit:

  1. Arms: Many women feel sensitive about their arms, referring to the fat there as “flabby.” Most swimsuits, especially bikinis, mean your arms will be completely bare.
  2. Stomach: Our tummies are one of the biggest sources of insecurity when putting on a bathing suit. Mothers, in particular, may worry how their stomachs will look in a bathing suit post-baby.
  3. Legs: Our legs, particularly our thighs, are a common focus of body fat concerns.
  4. Posterior: Our butts are a natural spot for fat to collect. Some swimsuits offer full coverage for your butt, while many bikinis are cut higher.

While you are working toward getting your ideal bikini body, remember that picking a swimsuit that flatters your body type is one of the best ways to handle these “problem areas.”

Tips to Get a Quick Bikini Body for Summer

Here are some of our top tips for getting a summer body fast.

1. Set Goals for Yourself

Everyone’s bikini body looks different. Before you start throwing yourself into the latest diet or exercise craze, remember this personal journey is supposed to help you look and feel your best when swimsuit season rolls around. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Instead, set personal, achievable goals for yourself. As you make progress, celebrate all of your hard work.

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2. Commit to a Full Body Work Out

Regular exercise is a critical step to getting your body ready for putting on that perfect swimsuit. Many women think that everything is about ab workouts. While working your core is important, it is not the only area of your body you’ll show off in a bikini. Working your whole body helps shape and tone everywhere.

  • Cardio: A lot of bikini season workouts focus solely on strength training. While that is an essential element, a cardio workout is necessary as well. Cardio, short for cardiovascular, often works multiple parts of your body at once. When most people think of cardio, they think of biking or running. These are excellent options, but they aren’t the only choices. Join an indoor cycling class, try jump squats at home or sign up for a Zumba class. Cardio workouts may seem a little intense, but even a quick workout can help burn calories.
  • Arms: When you put on a swimsuit, you probably want to show off your toned arms. You can easily work your arms with the free weights and machines available at a gym. You can also tone your arms at home with weight lifting reps and push-ups.
  • Legs: Strength training for your legs can help cut down on thigh fat. Exercises like biking, running and swimming naturally work the legs, but you can also do targeted exercises at home. Squats and lunges are simple but effective options. You can even do reps while you watch TV.
  • Core: If your tummy is your main area of concern, core exercises are the answer. But, working your core is about more than just your abs. Your core also works your back. Someone with a strong core will have better posture and balance. While these exercises can be intense, you can do a lot of the hard work right at home with no extra equipment. Some effective core exercises include planks, sit-ups and leg raises. You can also try core intensive forms of exercise like yoga and pilates if you want to get out of the house.

3. Find an Exercise Schedule That Works for You

Getting a bikini body fast does not mean that exercise has to fill every moment of free time you have. Instead, set aside chunks of time that work with your schedule. Some people like to work out in the morning before work. Others prefer an evening workout to wind down the day. If neither of those times works for you, try using lunchtime for exercise, even if it is just a quick walk. Mix up the times. Whatever times you choose, try to make exercise a consistent part of your daily routine.

4. Make Some Changes in Your Diet

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Many women jump to extremes with exercise and dieting. However, getting in shape for swimsuit season does not mean dumping all of your favorite foods. A few simple tips can help you evaluate and adjust your diet and get you on your way to your swimsuit season goals.

  • Cut down on processed foods. Highly processed foods are full of preservatives and added sugar and sodium. These added ingredients are associated with multiple health issues, including weight gain. While some processed foods are perfectly fine to include in your diet, look at reducing your intake of things like snack cookies and chips. As tasty as these treats are, they are not the best option for your health.
  • Try wine instead of beer. Cutting out alcohol is a common diet recommendation, but you don’t necessarily need to go completely dry. Instead of denying yourself a drink entirely, try opting for a glass of wine instead of beer. Red wine has fewer calories than beer. Research has also shown that drinking wine is linked with a reduced risk for obesity.
  • Embrace protein. Dieting isn’t all about cutting out food. It is also about adding the right foods to your daily meals. Protein is essential fuel for your body, particularly if you are going to be upping your workout regimen. Try adding healthy proteins like eggs, nuts, fish and yogurt to your diet. The wide variety of healthy proteins gives you plenty of wiggle room to play around with different recipes. Dieting for bikini season does not have to be boring.
  • Learn to love greens. You probably tell your kids to eat their veggies, and those are good words to live by. Leafy green vegetables are good for your swimsuit season plan of action because they are full of nutrients, like essential vitamins and fiber, and low on calories. Mix some spinach and kale into your diet. If you don’t like salads, try blending the greens into a fruit smoothie.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Getting enough sleep, particularly when you are a new parent, can be tough. Lack of sleep has actually been linked to weight gain. When you are tired, you are more likely to crave sugary and fatty foods. Plus, sleep deprivation slows down your metabolism. If you are tired, you probably want those comfort foods and don’t feel like you have the energy to work out. Try to get into the habit of getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night. You will start to find you have more energy and more motivation to meet your exercise and diet goals. Instead of watching TV or scrolling through your phone at night, try to set a regular, healthy sleep schedule.

Bikini Body Workout for Moms

A bikini workout for moms doesn’t have to be any different from the exercises everyone can do. It is about finding the time to fit exercise into your hectic schedule of taking care of your kids, working and spending time with your partner. Here are some tips for moms who are working toward their ideal swimsuit body:

1. Get on Board With Quick Workouts

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When there is a crying baby or inquisitive toddler running around at home daily, hour-long gym sessions just aren’t very realistic. But, that’s okay. Instead of worrying that you can’t log hours and hours of exercise time, focus on using the time you do have. While the kids are taking a nap, spend 10 minutes lifting weights or doing yoga. In the evening, watch your favorite TV show while you do a few minutes of exercise.

2. Work out at Home

Most people struggle with the motivation to go to the gym. If you have a partner or a babysitter to watch the kids, you can go to the gym, but that is definitely not the only way to fit your workout into your day. Instead of loading up a gym bag, you can keep your workouts right at home. You can even get your little ones involved — your toddler will probably love dancing along to a dance workout video.

3. Listen to Your Body

Pregnancy and birth are hard on the body, and everyone is different. Some women can begin working out soon after giving birth, while others need more time to recover from labor. Talk to your doctor before starting any sort of new exercise. As you integrate different types of physical activity, listen to what your body is telling you. Do you feel a little sore, or are you experiencing excessive muscle aches? If you experience any extreme pain during or after your workout, stop what you are doing. Of course, you want to reach your fitness goals, but you also want to give your body time to heal. If you hurt yourself while working out, you will need to take a break and spend more time healing.

4. Be Patient

A lot of new moms worry about losing their baby fat in time for swimsuit season. You can use these tips to create a routine that will help you make progress, but no workout regimen is going to work overnight. This can be frustrating for anyone, particularly moms who feel a lot of pressure to push to make their bodies look like they did before pregnancy. You will look different after having kids — that is only natural. Spend the time when you can to work toward your swimsuit body, but remember to be patient and love your body along the way.

Zerona Z6 for a Bikini Body

Making lifestyle adjustments like diet and exercise are healthy, effective ways to get in shape for swimsuit season, but sometimes you need some more help with fat loss. That is where Zerona Z6 comes in. This non-invasive fat loss treatment is the first of its kind. The treatment targets and emulsifies fat, which means you can lose inches on the spots you want to show off in a swimsuit.

How does it work? Zerona Z6 is a cold laser treatment that breaks down and releases the content of fat cells without breaking down other cells in the body’s interstitial space. The treatment can target the waist, hips and thighs — all areas you want to show off in a bikini. Research has shown that the treatment has resulted in an average of 3.72 inches lost from these areas. The Zerona Z6 treatment is FDA-approved and shown to be safe through a series of clinical trials.

benefits of using zerona for a bikini body

Zerona Z6 can be the answer to getting your ideal bikini body fast. The benefits of the treatment include:

  • No surgery: The word “surgery” makes many people feel nervous. Zerona Z6 is not a surgical procedure. It is a noninvasive fat loss procedure that means no anesthesia, no scarring and no bruising. People who choose not to undergo traditional, surgical weight loss procedures or do not qualify for these procedures can opt for the simple, noninvasive approach of Zerona Z6. During your session, you will be completely awake and free from side-effects. You can simply relax while the laser does its work. You will lay on your back while the laser targets areas like the waist, hips, thighs and arms. Next, you will lie on your stomach so the laser can target areas on your backside.
  • No recovery period: Since Zerona Z6 is non-invasive, you won’t need to undergo any recovery period after your treatments. After each 40-minute session, you can get up and go about your day with no side effects. Zerona Z6 clients typically undergo three sessions per week for a minimum of two weeks. Instead of worrying about missing work and scarring, you can leave your sessions feeling confident about the inches you are losing.

Find a Zerona Z6 Provider Near Your

Zerona Z6 can empower you to feel confident in a swimsuit again. Finding a provider near you is the first step to getting treatment started. Look online to search for a provider near you. Pull out your bikini and get ready to feel confident this swimsuit season. Your body is beautiful, and you deserve to look forward to bikini season.

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