True Laser Sculpting: Zerona vs Other Devices

Have your weight loss efforts constantly failed? Fat is a stubborn thing; your body feels the need to hold onto extra fat for energy.

This process happens, even when you eat healthily. If you believe you hold onto fat, you’ll need to remove the fat by other means.

Body sculpting and contouring has been one of the most effective weight loss treatments.*

These treatments use noninvasive means to target and prevent fat build-up. The Zerona laser has been the most prestigious treatment, but other treatments are also on the market.

To know how Zerona compares with other treatments, read this guide and compare the true laser treatment with the other options.

Zerona Does Not Harm Your Fat Cells

The reason why Zerona is so effective is it does not harm or destroy your fat cells. The Zerona laser uses far low-level laser light in the red spectrum. This helps the laser penetrate deep beneath your skin, where your fat is stored.

When the laser targets your fat cells, your cells shrink. Your body disposes your unused fat as waste, so you lose inches.*

Zerona uses a low-level laser, also known as a cold laser. This laser is only applied to the surface of your skin, so it’s safe with no reported side effects.*

Zerona is Safe and Painless

One of the many benefits of the Zerona true laser is there are no side effects.*

Zerona works by using low level laser to stimulate the fat cells, causing your body to recycle them. This prevents cutting and splicing, causing even more side effects.

If the thought of a laser scares you, don’t worry — Zerona is painless.* The laser doesn’t touch your tissue so you’ll feel no pain.* The laser treatment also doesn’t take much time; you’ll be under the treatment in less than an hour.

With the non-touching painless treatment and quick appointment, recovery time is non-existent.*  You’ll be able to walk and even work immediately after treatment.

Why Zerona is Better

There are many lasers that don’t offer the results that Zerona offers.* Most of these lasers only work at skin-level, tightening up loose and sagging skin to make the body look more contoured.

Zerona works within your body. It has the power to target fat, without making incisions.

Zerona also uses a safe method that’s pain-free and noninvasive.* This means you receive the painless benefits without long recovery times.*

Time to Get the Zerona True Laser Treatment

Many clients have been pleased with their Zerona treatment, and it’s obvious why. Zerona gives you a contoured figure with less fat.*

Zerona does this with their high-tech low-level laser treatment, which is pain-free and noninvasive.* The laser light only touches the surface of your skin, stimulating the fat stores.  Our bodies remove the fat from the area and transport the fat from the area through the lymphatic system creating a slimming effect, which is how you lose inches.*

The result is a leaner figure and long-term fat loss benefits.*

If you want a quick and effective way to lose inches, give the Zerona laser a try.*

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Last Updated on March 22, 2021 by zerona

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