5 Facts About Zerona LLLT device

Zerona is quickly becoming the leading name in the world of body contouring.

Millions of people are opting to use a science-backed device to get rid of unwanted fat, but what should doctors know about this device and its side effects?*

Read on for five fascinating facts about Zerona LLLT device that you can pass along to clients interested in body contouring.

1) LLLT Device Stands For ‘Low-Level Laser Therapy’ Device

If you’re unfamiliar with Zerona, you’re likely wondering what the LLLT acronym stands for.

Short for low-level laser therapy, LLLT devices rely on light-emitting diodes to target fat cells.

The process is pretty astounding.  Patented line-generated lasers reduce the cellular content of fat cells found in the mid to lower regions of the body and other undesired fat stores.*

2) Zerona Has Been Recognized by Many Media Outlets

If you weren’t already convinced that an LLLT device can help clients lose unwanted fat, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Zerona has received more media attention than any other non-invasive body contouring device.

3) An LLLT Device Can Help Clients Look Slimmer, Faster

One of the primary concerns clients seem to have is that an LLLT treatment will take hours.

On the contrary, Zerona treatments only take around 40 minutes per session. They’re a great choice for professionals or anyone who lives a busy life but wants to be slimmer.

While dieting and exercise can take weeks to have a noticeable effect, laser treatment delivers great results in a matter of sessions, making it a faster alternative for clients who want quick results.*  Results can begin to be measurable within one treatment.*

4) Treatment is Painless

Understandably, clients may seem hesitant about subjecting their bodies to cold laser treatments.

While it sounds like a painful, intimidating treatment, it’s actually quite painless.* Those who underwent treatment reported no signs of pain or discomfort.*

According to Shape magazine’s report, there weren’t even signs of swelling or redness.*

At worst, clients may feel energized or a little sleepy after treatment.*  Have a glass of water handy after to maximize results.

5) LLLT Treatment is Non-Invasive

As if the technological aspects of Zerona treatments aren’t fascinating enough, clients love the fact that the procedure is non-invasive.

No surgeries, needles, recovery time — any of the harsher elements of traditional fat-loss surgeries.*

Clients can easily come in for a session and immediately get on with their day once treatment is complete.

Explore the Benefits of Zerona LLLT Device for Yourself

Share these five facts with interested clients next time they come in for a consultation.

And if you’d like a device for your office, request more information. We’re confident you’ll find that Zerona is great for client and doctor alike.


Last Updated on March 22, 2021 by zerona

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