The World's Safest and Most Effective Body Contouring Treatment

The only body contouring technology cleared by the FDA for overall body circumference reduction, helping patients safely lose weight anywhere on their body.

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Safety & Effectiveness

Developed by the global leader in low level laster therapy, Zerona is the first and only fat-loss treatment to receive multiple FDA clearances.

    Proven Effective by 10 Independent Clinical Studies

    Patients lose an average of 3.72 inches after only 6 treatments.

    FDA Cleared for Unattended Treatments

    The only technology with FDA clerance that allows clients to be left unattended during treatment, creating a more relaxing environment for them, and freeing you up to work with other clients and make more money.

    100% Non-Invasive with Zero Side Effects

    Unlike other technologies that freeze or burn fat cells, Zerona does not make any direct contact with the patients and causes no pain or discomfort.

The Only Fat Loss Treatment That Shrinks Fat Cells Rather Than Killing Them

Rather than killing fat cells, Zerona removes excess lipids from the cells, shrinking them to a healthy size and allowing them to continue performing functions that the body needs. See why Zerona's approach is clinically proven to be more effective than fat-killing treatment options.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

Check out our before and after pictures to see the fat loss and contouring effect you could be offering your clients today.

What Others Are Saying

See the kinds of reviews your business could be getting from completely satisfied clients after adding Zerona 6 body contouring to your offerings.

Daisy Laguna

Zerona is my Genie in a bottle! I was stressed over losing the "covid-19" and fitting into my wedding gown that I purchased before the lock down. I had 3 weeks of crunch time and I had to drop 2 sizes down! Well with the guidance of everyone at Westlake Lymphatic, I did just that! My wedding gown fit like a glove! It was just as easy and non-invasive as they advertise and mention in the clinic! I will continue to recommend this to everyone!

Angela Giberson

I lost 10 and 3/4 inches with 11 Zerona Z6 sessions. It's been a great way to take off the fluff and detox my body! I can't wait to put on a sundress!

Video Testimonials

Watch some of our most successful practices use the Zerona 6 and hear what they have to say about how it changed their business.

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