Non-Invasive Fat Loss: What You Should Know

If you’ve ever tried to lose body fat, you know just how difficult it can be on your own. And surgical procedures for fat loss can be expensive, time-consuming and invasive. Thankfully, there are a variety of helpful, nonsurgical procedures designed to help you lose the fat faster and easier than with diet and exercise alone. Many of these treatments can be performed in your doctor’s office during a short appointment, and you can get back to your life right away. With minimal side effects and downtime, and a reduction in fat cells in problem areas of the body, it’s no wonder these treatments are so rapidly gaining in popularity.

What Are Some Examples of Non-Invasive Fat Loss?

Non-invasive fat loss procedures use a variety of technologies like heat or cooling, lasers, ultrasound, radiofrequency, vacuum massage, injectable medications and more to reduce the body’s fat cells. Each of these procedures can be a great complement to any diet and exercise plan and can be an alternative to more invasive procedures like liposuction and other surgical treatments.

Some of the most popular fat loss procedures include:

  • Cryolipolysis: This treatment uses cold temperatures and special vacuums to freeze and break down fat cells in target areas.
  • Injection lipolysis: A chemical called deoxycholic acid is injected into the problem area, usually under the chin, to disrupt and kill fat cells.
  • Radiofrequency lipolysis: In this procedure, an applicator is used to heat fat cells in problem areas, without touching the body.
  • Laser lipolysis: An applicator delivers laser energy in this procedure, to heat and disrupt fat cells.
  • Zerona: This cold-laser technology uses low levels of light in laser applicators to contour the body and target stubborn areas of fat, shrinking the fat cells without killing them.

Does Nonsurgical Fat Loss Work?

Nonsurgical fat loss treatments all work to kill off excess fat cells or reduce the size of the fat cells. While surgical procedures like liposuction give a more dramatic result, non-invasive treatments give a subtle yet permanent reduction in problem areas of fat. For any of these types of treatments, you’ll visit a dermatologist who will use injections or an applicator to deliver heat, cold, lasers, suction or a combination of these to reduce the fat cells in your body.

Each of the treatments mentioned uses different techniques and technologies to reduce fat, and individual results can vary within any of the treatments. However, any of them work to reduce fat and results can be seen gradually over a few weeks to a few months, depending on the treatment used and the individual. With a non-invasive fat loss treatment, you may notice a trimmer-looking figure and better or looser fitting clothes after several treatments.

With many of these nonsurgical treatments, just about any area of the body can be targeted. Common areas of the body to target can include the tummy, back, hips, thighs and upper arms, but treatments can also be used on other parts of the arms and legs, chin and more. You and your doctor can decide which areas to target and which treatment is best for you.

Is There Any Downtime With Non-Invasive Fat Loss Procedures?

After any non-invasive fat loss procedure, there may be some very minor side effects. This can include some mild discomfort or bruising in the targeted treatment area. Any of these side effects are temporary and should quickly fade over time.

One of the best things about non-invasive fat loss procedures is that the side effects are minimal and there is usually no downtime. With liposuction and other surgical procedures, you may need to take time off from work and other activities and have extended recovery time, restricted activities and special care for incisions.

In comparison, the downtime for any non-invasive fat loss treatment is minimal. With most procedures, you should be able to resume normal activity right after your treatment appointment. Most people can go right back to work or whatever they have planned for the day. You could even schedule your treatments during a lunch break!

When Should I Choose Non-Invasive Fat Loss Over Surgical Fat Loss?

Maybe you’ve already tried dieting, exercise or other fat loss methods, and you’re still not seeing the results you want. It may be time to consider a fat loss procedure — but how should you choose between surgical options and non-invasive fat removal?

Surgery for fat loss is an option for those who want a dramatic change in size and appearance more quickly. Surgical procedures can also be best for anyone who may struggle with obesity-related health problems and may need more medical intervention.

On the other hand, non-invasive fat loss treatments are a great choice for anyone who has a specific area of stubborn body fat they wish to treat. These treatments can target and contour many problem areas of body fat, including the tummy, hips, back, neck and chin, thighs, upper arms and more. With a non-invasive fat loss treatment on any of these common areas of the body, you’ll see subtle, but noticeable results within a few months — or sometimes as soon as a couple of weeks.

The recovery for a surgical procedure can be long and painful. Extended time off from work, plenty of rest and downtime and restricted activities may be required during recovery. There may be pain, swelling or bruising at the incision sites, and a risk of infection or other complications.

Nonsurgical fat loss treatments, however, have little to no downtime required after the procedure. Treatments are completed quickly in your doctor’s office, and you can usually return to your normal activities immediately afterward. There is generally only mild discomfort and any side effects are minimal and temporary.

The procedure that’s right for you will depend on your body and overall health, the results you expect to see, and the level of pain and downtime you are willing to endure. Your doctor can help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Ask Your Doctor About Zerona

If you are considering nonsurgical fat reduction options, ask your healthcare provider about Zerona treatments. This FDA-cleared and clinically tested fat loss treatment uses cold lasers, or low-level laser technology (LLLT), applied externally and used for body contouring and targeting areas of body fat. The treatment can result in an overall body-slimming effect and reduced fat in the targeted areas. Instead of killing and removing fat cells, which are important to the body’s endocrine system, Zerona treatments shrink fat cells, keeping them healthy and simply making them smaller. With Zerona treatments, you’ll see positive results without any incisions, scarring, downtime or side effects. Talk to your doctor, or find a Zerona provider near you today.

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