Business Focused Benefits

Zerona is the only body contouring technology with FDA clearance that permits clients to be left unattended during treatment, giving you the freedom to work with multiple clients and make more money.

    Set-Up & Training

    One of our reps will travel to your location to help you prepare for your exciting new offering and to host an open house to introduce Zerona to your client. Most of our providers sell multiple treatment packages in this initial phase.

    Marketing and Client Acquisition

    We've carefully developed marketing materials that are proven to attract new customers and grow your business. you will also be added to the searchable database of providers on our website, helping highly motivated prospects find your business.

    Ongoing Support

    Zerona has been producing the world's best lasers for more than 25 years. We are always available to help answer any questions that you may have, whether it's 3 months or 3 years after you become a provider.

See How Zerona 6 Stacks Up Against Other Treatment Options

With more than 10 third-party clinical trials, Zerona has consistently outperformed all other body contouring technologies.

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What Others Are Saying

See the kinds of reviews your business could be getting from completely satisfied clients after adding Zerona 6 body contouring to your offerings.

Traci Martin

Zerona Z6 is by far the best body contouring option out there. The pricing is a great value. When you compare the results to the cost, especially against some of the competition, Zerona winds hands down. I have tried another body sculpting technique, and it was expensive, painful, and a six week recovery for minimal results. Zerona fits in my schedule, is painless, has no recovery time, and results are quick. The fact that it is really the most natural option and doesn't kill the fat cells is important to me. I love that I can do a quick three session boost right before vacation to help me look my best. Zerona Z6 has really been amazing and I love that I can do different areas, and along with my healthier diet and exercies, I am created a body I love!

Sheryl Iszler, MSW

My husband and I had researched many different options for body contouring. We were impressed with the gold standard research and results with the Zerona Z6. We decided to add this service to our chiropractic and weight loss center. Our clients are getting great results and it is a perfect complimentary service for our weight loss clinic.

Video Testimonials

Watch some of our most successful practices use the Zerona 6 and hear what they have to say about how it changed their business.

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