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Clients are looking for beauty providers who can offer them more than the traditional offerings. Don't miss out on your chance to grow your business and increase customer satisfaction.

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Help Your Patients Get Back to Their Pre-pandemic Weight with Zerona Full Body Contouring

As the only body contouring option that is FDA Market cleared for overall body circumference reduction, Zerona allows you to provide an extensive range of fat loss treatments to your patients on multiple areas of their body.

Zerona is easy to use, completely safe for clients, and requires no specialized training, making it the perfect option for beauty professionals looking to attract new customers and increase their income.

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What Others Are Saying

See the kinds of reviews your business could be getting from completely satisfied clients after adding Zerona 6 body contouring to your offerings.

Marilyn Clifton

I purchased my dress a size too small a few months before my daughter's wedding. A month before the wedding I began to panic because I had not lost any weight. I ran across Zerona and through that online search found Westlake Lymphatic. My experience was wonderful and I lost the inches. The dress fit perfectly for the wedding. I want to thank Westlake Lymphatic for making it such a special day!

Kathy Britton

I lost a total of 10 inches in 9 sessions! I feel much better about my body! It's great to put on a pair of shorts now.

Video Testimonials

Watch some of our most successful practices use the Zerona 6 and hear what they have to say about how it changed their business.

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