How Body Contouring is Reshaping the Beauty Industry

Written by world leaders in low level laser technology, this free eBook explains how body contouring is changing the beauty industry by helping beauty professionals attract new clients after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    The Science Behind Body Contouring

    A review of body contouring technologies and the key differences between them.

    How Body Contouring Can Help Beauty Professionals

    A look at how body contouring is reshaping the beauty industry and helping professionals grow their practice.

    Adding Laser Body Contouring to Your Business

    Find out how quickly you can make this a new service for your clients and how with some laser options you may not even need any additional licensing.

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Business Growth

With people around the country looking for fast weight loss solutions, body contouring provides and easy and effective solution that beauty professionals can offer their clients.

High Demand for Weight Loss

More than 61% of US Adults reported undesired weight gain in 2020.

No Extensive Training

Treatments are easy to administer and don't require extensive training or a medical degree.

A Growing Industry

Non-invasive fat loss treatments increased by 176% while liposuction declined by 40% since 2000.

Zerona Benefits

Through many scientific and clinical studies over the past 25 years, Erchonia has become the global leader in low-level laser technologies(LLLT). The Zerona Z6 laser is the only treatment FDA cleared for overall body circumference reduction.

    Clinically Proven

    10 Clinical Trials at the highest standard that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of treatments.

    FDA Cleared

    An industry leading 18 FDA Market clearances.

    The Best Results

    The largest overall circumference reduction in the industry with the ability to treat fat anywhere on the body.

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